an animation by marcin wojciechowski

scenariusz reżyseria animacja script directing animation
Marcin Wojciechowski
kolaż dźwiękowy sound collage
nagranie dźwięku sound recording
Jarek Konopka
zgranie dźwięku sound mix
Piotr Kubiak
starsounds studio
tłumaczenie translation
Patryk Dobrowolski
producent producer
Marta Gebhardt
produkcja produced by
Fundacja Anima Art Kraków
film współfinansowany przez Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej co financed by Polish Film Institute
I put myself back together...
I construct myself, from days, nights,
dates, hours, the unspoken words...

Psycho-gimnastics. Psycho-drama.
A narrated animation in the form of a journal produced as a combination of drawings and graphics.
An attempt to find visual equivalents for decomposition and mental deconstruction of personality/person as well as to show desperate efforts aiming at its reconstructing, merging. It’s a peculiar game of graphic representations of mental states which accompany daily struggle with reality, including questions such as: "who am I?, "what do I consist of?".